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偶恋辰仁/泽彦、双锐/彬锐写手,还磕星锐、泊秦淮、圣杰,最近在研究瑶 all 文学

【双锐/彬锐】Shape Of You(九)呀,你幼儿园追的文更新了

郑锐彬 & 周锐现实向 CP 文,有少量柏拉图向星锐。




郑锐彬难以接受,这次约会竟以“我们 Mr.BIO 才是队友”完结。

其实,周锐和朱星杰、周彦辰、甚至陆定昊的关系*,他早有所了解,放假在家更冲浪恶补过。只是正说笑着,周锐却冷不丁来了这么一句。仿佛 Mr. BIO 生来便是一体,而他注定是过客。哪怕在这座营地,这栋宿舍里,那个只有他们的房间,都从不例外。


看的一啪定情 99% 是久别重逢,非常费解了:pwp 都那么多,一啪定情怎么就?

【Cicely Hamilton】婚姻交易(二一)【完】

He could be reasonably sure that his wife married him because she wanted to marry him, not because no other trade was open to her, not because she was afraid of being jeered and sneered at as an old maid. That in itself would be anadvantage substantial enough to outweigh some loss of sex dignity. For...

【Cicely Hamilton】婚姻交易(二十)

...under present conditions, it is not easy for self-respecting woman to find a mate with whom she can live on the terms demanded by her self-respect. Hence a distinct tendency on her part to avoid marriage. Those women who look at the matter in this light are those who, while not denying that matrimony...

【Cicely Hamilton】婚姻交易(十九)

I myself am far from desiring that the wife and mother should not possess privileges; it seems to me that the work of a woman who brings up children decently...





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【Cicely Hamilton】婚姻交易(十八)

The working-woman, the woman with wider interests than her mother's, in learning to respect herself is learning to respect her counterpart—the human being, like unto herself, who, under the same disadvantages, fights the same battle as her own. And recognizing the heaviness, the unfairness of those...

【Cicely Hamilton】婚姻交易(十七)

The women's industries of a former date have, for the most part, been swallowed by the factory. They were never industries at which she earned much money; so far as the members of a family were concerned they were rewarded with nothing more than the customary wage of subsistence; but—and this is the...

【Cicely Hamilton】婚姻交易(十六)

it is not the letter of political life, but the spirit of a conscious communal life which kindles enthusiasm, arouses the desire of service and awakens art; that, as far as art is concerned, the important point is participation in ideas, not in elections. When women are informed that they cannot think...

【Cicely Hamilton】婚姻交易(十五)

when I speak of woman's inferiority to man in creative art I mean, not her inferiority in technique, but her incapacity to arouse in the ordinary human being such emotions of wonder, delight, and sorrow as men who have the requisite skill in creative art have power to arouse. 

woman's art...are...